Members have a major role to play in making the launch of the Toastmasters Pathways Learning
Experience successful. Following members are identified to motivate, educate and inspire members
of District 92:

Chief Ambassador: Chief Ambassador provides leadership and builds excitement for Pathways by
inspiring, educating and supporting members, Ambassadors and Pathways Guides within the district.
The Chief Ambassador for District 92 is Chandramouli Godhandaraman, DTM.

Pathways Guides & Pathways Ambassadors: As integral members of the Pathways launch team,
Pathways Guides work closely with the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director while
partnering with the Pathways Ambassador to visit each club and prepare members for the arrival of
Pathways. The Pathways Ambassadors of District 92 are –

The Pathways Guides of District 92 are –