Code of the Hip-Hop - How Hip-Hop will elevate your speaking style on Toastmasters Journey ?

Blog Submission by Vishnu Moulish. Club Name: Standard Chartered GBS Ecoworld Toastmasters club

If you think Hip-Hop is just swag, I would call you “King of assumptions”
If you think Hip-Hop is the dancers’ hustle factor. I would call you “Thinker in limits”
If you think Hip-Hop is measured only by urban unconventional outfits, I have a question for you: “Were you born in Venus?”

Look yourself in the mirror and smile. You’re a dapper. Think Hip-Hop. Wow, bruh… You look dashing dapper dude. The state of the mind decides how you approach this style more than how ya pretend to be.
There are preachers, there are creators, there are advocates and there are persuaders. Here I am “the eternal evangelist”, “the uncompromising believer” of Hip-Hop culture to the extent of adopting it as a religion. Some may laugh at this. But remember Steve Jobs epic quote: “People who think they are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who do”. Take my fist bumps now.

You know I am a stubborn man willing to travel yards to spread this culture. The sacred books of the existing religions shed its bright neon lights on love and kindness but the culture of Hip-Hop climbs another stair and raps “I am high on unity, the one for humanity, that’s my true sanity, the power of infinity. Does it sound well?

Hip-Hop in Toastmasters: Tap the culture
Did you know? Toastmasters ain’t just speaking and spitting words/quotes/rhymes. The world wants to witness speakers with style, not just speakers with eccentric words from the dictionary.

Here are the top 2 reasons how Hip-Hop will elevate your speaking style :

1.Body language - Create your own signature
One of the most important tactics used in speech delivery to convey the message effectively. When used in the right ways, it becomes an eye-catching drama effect on the stage.
When it comes to Hip-Hop style incorporation in your speeches, be prudent about the use of gestures to complement your message.
Gestures range from hand signals to mild leg movements. Be mindful about the extent of gestures and its intensity level because you are not going to dance but you will use them to express while you speak. Google Hip-Hop hand gestures to know about it.

Here is an exercise for you: “I want you to close your eyes for a minute”. How would you convey the same message to the audience using Hip-Hop gestures? Try it. If you think you can extract from your own creative juices, be bold enough to create your own gestures.
Note: Incorporate the gestures (existing and new to the world ones) in your speeches from Day 1. As you progress to the next level, the audience will be able to understand your unique body language and gestures gradually. The rule of thumb is “Repetition is the secret sauce”.

2. Words - Make the world listen
Actions speak louder than words. But in the Toastmasters speech course, both play an equivalent role. Words are the bricks to build your speech structure. Too many mainstream words don’t shine and too many alien words are over-shining and over-dosage. We ain’t promoting English, we are communication experts to get the message into audience heads. Over the years, Hip-Hop vocabulary has evolved. Rap stars like Lil Wayne, Tyga, Chamillionaire, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg have composed lyrics based on the Hip-Hop vocabulary. When is your turn toastmasters?

Here is the list of normal words altered to match the Hip-Hop style based on the gestures.
1. Your - Ya
2. Brother - Bruh
3. Grind - Work hard
4. Heated - Angry

New words/phrases created by me.
1. Flooding dollars - Person who spends lavishly.
2. Shelter buddy - Referring your best friend.
3. Wallet weeper - A stingy person who conceals his money from others.

Check out my other list of urban words and phrases published on Urban Dictionary -
Note: If you want to promote your own words first, be a Grammarian and spread the word to your club members. Let people become cognisant of the word. Later, you can incorporate those words in your speeches. By this way, you win on all grounds and stay ahead of the pack.

Along with this blog, I have composed a rap poetry tribute dedicated to worldwide toastmasters.

Rap song - Best from the rest

The best from the rest.
Living lives to the fullest.
Coz break from the chores is an escape from the arrest.
Skype “away”, Skype “away”, Skype “away” fellas.
The phones on silent. Let speeches make some noise.
With mutual respect, we shake ya hands.
To the boldest, the smartest, the realest from the town.
We have the spotlight and we have the crown.
The lessons, the histories, the learnings that you bring.
Spread the word to the members. Spread the vibes to the crowd.
The word every week. The word that ya use.
We make some noise whenever ya use.
Kick the fillers words and Kick the Ahs.
We gotta guts and we gotta confidence.
We keep you enthralled.
We keep you entertained.
With connecting themes and witty dialogues.
Impromptu. Impromptu. That’s how we call it.
Never really scared.
Never really backed out.
Speaking our mind.
Speaking non-stop.
Until timer flashes the cards.
We never rest.
The best from the rest.
The tribe of the future.
We’re the proud toastmasters.

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