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Lately, I had observed with our kids, ourselves we all are running, don’t know where but we all are, trying to achieve something in our lives. In this quest, we tend to do things very fast and that too without any preparation, we need ready-made items, like frozen parathas, Pizza, Vegetables from freezers we don’t let ourselves and other prepare for things.

In this context, I came across a small story of Seven Vadas. Once a starving man was walking on the street looking for something to eat and, he saw a “Vada” stall by the side of the road. And a lot of people we around busy in savouring the Vadas. He approached him and asked him, “ Will this Vada Satisfy my hunger ??”  And what are the charges for it? “   Vada vendor replied  “ Yes definitely for sure and quoted the rate Rs10/-.

  Hungry man ate one Vada, and he was still hungry, he ate 2nd, 3rd, 4th and likewise after having 7th Vada he felt full and satisfied. He then handed Rs10 to Vada Wala. He got Zapped as he was expecting Rs70/-, the hungry man replied  “Haven’t  I had asked you whether your Vada will satisfy my hunger and to that, you said  Yes. When I ate the first six Vada, I was still hungry, only seventh  Vada of your’ s satisfied my hunger.  Hence only 10 Rupees for seventh Vada.

 So, the Question which ponders us is, are those six Vada’s got wasted or not required?   Could he have eaten directly seventh Vada and satiated his hunger? We all know the answer we need all seven Vadas for fulfilling the hunger.  Most of the time, it is sequential to reach the final state, you cannot eat directly seventh Vada, so all six Vada’s are needed to satiate his hunger.

Groundwork and preparation are very much needed for anything to achieve the final state, and most importantly, when we want to communicate, and want to get our message across. When we want someone to understand us, this prep work will help, if you directly give message either it will not be understood or will be misunderstood.

Imagine a  farmer if he sows the seeds in the barren land,  those seeds will go waste and rot, but if the farm is ploughed adequately and prepared to make it fertile, even if he throws the seeds, as enough preparation has been done, the plant will grow.

Research tells us when we communicate only 10% of message passes across, remaining  90% depends on how well the preparation, grooming has been done. So, what we need to do, to prepare, it’s straightforward. We need to prepare for three questions  HOW, WHAT, WHEN, for saying things and getting the message across or communicate. We need to make sure how you want to say it? What you want to say and When you want to say ?? These will be like your six Vada’s of Preparation, which if we do it properly, we can communicate properly with maximum efficiency and chances of our message to be understood are higher.

 We need first to prepare the mind and communicate, .and this is utmost important. Remember, in Bhagavat Gita,   Arjuna was prepped throughout the eleven chapters, and then  Krishna showed  HIS Viswaroop (  Worldly  Form ). For Eleven chapters Krishna prepped Arjuna, Krishna being GOD could have shown his Worldly form in the beginning. And hence there would have been no Gita, but Krishna was patient and groomed Arjuna, so he understands the message and assimilate same what he wanted to convey.

Similarly, imagine a young boy and girl who are in courtship and wanted to convey to their parents about their relationship. Like most Indian parents, acceptance in first go will be challenging. Here in this situation if we expose parents with this fact, chances of rejection are very high as they will be shocked if proper preparation is done by grooming parents so that they understand and anticipate what is coming that shock impact can be reduced and chances of their understanding increases. 

When we want to communicate a message, it also depends on who is your audience, is its single person, a  team, your family member and the message has to be primed in such a way so that maximum  Intent comes across as listener.

 We can use the same concept when we want to have an awkward conversation, pass on the bad message, and we need to prepare the mind as oppose to expose the person with a piece of bad news directly. If we expose the person to bad message directly, they might be heartbroken, goes into shock, goes in depression, so proper groundwork needs to be done when we communicate things like this.

 We have just to remember that mental preparation is MUST when we want to communicate any message. You need only to remember 3Qs, How, What & When to prepare the mind to pass on the message, as these are your six Vadas of preparation which will lead you to the final state, where after taking seventh Vada you will achieve same.  

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