Blog Submission by Paduka Kannan.

Club Name: TCS Maitree Bangalore Toastmasters Club

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.     

Lao Tzu

Starting something new brings out excitement as well as fear in us. Writing is something that I would like to venture into it for a very long time. I used to envy a lot of rhythmic writers who write poems, stories, or articles with a sway😎.

Whenever I come across a well-written blog, it urges me to try my hands-on writing. Thanks to all the blog writers & storytellers. But, when I sat down to write one, I can feel a tremor. Definitely, not a cherry on the cake.

Engrossed in a silent conversation between Me and my Mind Voice, the voice inside every one of us which tries to steer us in the right direction…

What :

MeOf course, Story … !!!

Mind Voice: Really 🙄… a story for a beginner..?! You aren’t creative enough yet to imagine a full-fledged script. You might take days to design and move the half-written script to an unfinished folder. Try taking baby steps.

Dream Big, Start Small

Me: Hmm… I like to read articles written in an unconventional way.

Mind Voice:  Then, maybe that’s where you need to start with ..!!

Me: Great.! Let me try to begin with writing articles. Google, the thinking factory, can help me to frame it. With a little bit of ‘this’ and a little bit of ‘that’, I can write my piece.

Mind Voice: Ahem…Ahem…😏Wasn’t there a signboard in your room hinting…

Be yourself. Original is always worth more than a copy.

Me: Ah… My bad. Next time, I must think twice before selecting a poster🤪. One of the most blogged topics is ‘Recipes’😮, scratch that. Definitely, cooking is not my area of expertise. Other topics include ‘Politics’, ‘Travel’, ‘Food’, ‘How-Tos’… 😓😓

Mind Voice: I was under impression that you would like to make a difference in whatever you do. Maybe you just need to start writing. Pen down your thoughts and then, you could streamline and refine it.

When :

Me: Of course, I can make time on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m an enthusiastic engineer and a workaholic as well on weekdays.

Mind Voice: Honestly, I think you are a lot more efficient during weekdays rather than weekends. Your weekend schedule predominantly includes excessive eating, sleeping & dreaming. Also, To reach for excellence, consistent effort is the key.

Me: Okayyyyy… Then, its “Now”

Where :

Me: The easiest question of all. A Digital medium ‘Blog’ where I can find like-minded people. Also, at least I won’t be trashed with tomatoes and eggs..🤪 (Will you ?! )

Mind Voice: So, what are you waiting for … Ready, Set, Po… oops GO…!!!👍

When I was all set to share my thoughts, I had to conquer my final hurdle. Conquering myself from “the fear of starting something new“. Bombarded with so many self-doubts inside my head at once. Will the world read it, or will they at least notice it ?! Or will it become a monumental embarrassment of my life ?! With this, I was flooded with a plethora of emotions and self-doubts.

Once again, my Mind Voice came to my rescue reminding me of one of my favourite lines from the oldest scripture.

योगस्थः कुरू कर्माणि ।

which roughly translates to ‘do your duty/responsibility without expectations’. It is OK to be afraid, but don’t let fear dictate who you are. Just Begin.

To Readers,

Not over yet ..!!
How was it for you when you started to do something for the first time?
What motivated you to take that step? Is it normal to feel this way or is it me who is “Neophobia”, which is definitely not me now?

Now, It’s Your Time to leave the comments below..!!👇 Don’t Hesitate .! Just Begin ..!

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