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सतां हि सन्देहपदेषु वस्तुषु प्रमाणमन्त: करण प्रवृत्तयः |

Mahakavi Kalidasa from “Abhijna̅na Śākuntalam”.

“God, I’m in a very critical situation. Please help 🙏”.

Last week, after the successful launch of this blog site📑, I was overwhelmed with excitement performing my very own happy dance💃. But, at the next moment, I was engulfed by fear. How am I going to become an eloquent writer and make this a world-class blog site? How am I going to conquer millions of readership🤯? How am I going to be inevitable?😕😟

Mind Voice: “Stop channelling your inner Thanos and focus on ‘What’s Next?’ What’s the next right thing to do ?

Me: “Oh ho.! That’s my mind – my inner voice, my 24/7 debate show, where 19 tabs are open and 13 are frozen and you have no idea where the voice is coming from. But, it does have a point. So, I started to tune my inbuilt radio station 📻, my mind, for a good concept”.

Mind Voice1: “Wow, mom is making dosa🤩🤩”

Me: What ?!.. Nooo… Focus NOW”.

Tuning more 📻 …

Mind Voice2: “Twinkle Twinkle little star ..”

Me: “Why this still running on my mind🙄”.

With more & more tuning……

Me: “Hello, Is anybody there 🤨?! Wow, nada – nothing. For the first time in my life, I’m facing this problem to take decisions”.

Mind Voice: “No..No..No. That’s a blatant lie. Now, don’t tell that when I’m right in front of you. Oops..! when I’m top of you.

Me: “Still, I don’t know how am I going to become a world-class author and develop a world-class blog site. Now, it’s time to use my Brahmastra, the one you use for a very critical situation.”

Dear God, I’m in a very critical situation. Please help 🙏. I promise on my great-great-grandfather that this is a very critical situation.”

God Voice: “Let him rest in peace at least now my dear”.

Me: “God… Is that you ?”

God Voice: “Of course me. Iron man is already dead. Do you know your number of critical situations is greater than the number of days you have lived on this earth? Let me cite you some examples :

  • You wanted to win BINGO games
  • You wanted to eat gulab jamun ?!!!!!

In what world, is this a critical situation ?!”

Me: “Readers, on my defence, when you see a hot gulab jamun made of ghee right in front of your….”

God Voice: “Cut the crap.. what is your ‘Very Critical’ situation?”

Me: “I have started a blog site and I’m not sure how to make this one a world-class blog site ?”

God Voice: “Just focus on ‘What’s Next?’. What is the next right thing to do? For example, your next would be to start to focus on the next topic and start writing. My next would be to save the world from your writing 😜. All the best”

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

Martin Luther King Jr.

Me: “Poof… Gone ..!! My god Or…🤔 do I need to say as one of the avatars of my mind 🤯.?! Damn it mind… I should have realized when it was so sarcastic. Anyways, by hook or by crook, my mind is reiterating me to focus on ‘What’s Next’, and not being overwhelmed by my long term vision.”

Readers, Have you ever became anxious with your vision? Do you know your What’s Next?

**Meaning for the above given Sanskrit lines: For people of character, when in a dilemma whether a particular action is good or bad, their own inner voice is the final arbiter.

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