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  • The submission should be made in the form of an e-newsletter, in a PDF format only.
  • The submission should not exceed 25 pages and should be less than 10 MB in size.
  • It should be uploaded on the District 92 website at the PR Awards section.


The contest will be judged by the panel of judges based on the criteria stated below. There will be three awards (First, second and third) for the Best Newsletter. The Club has to submit one newsletter for nomination on or before Jun 12, 2021 here. (only the last submitted newsletter to be considered).  The awards will be presented by June 30, 2021.


  • Toastmasters Club (Chapter) Information
    • Club name, Officers’ names, position & contact information o Meeting location, address, time, directions to the venue
    • Calendar / List of Events 
  • Promotion of Toastmasters Program
    • Mission of Toastmasters Clubs
    • Announcements, declarations etc. of upcoming Club, Area, Division, and District events
    • Toastmasters International logo and Tagline 
  • Layout & Presentation
    • Layout should incorporate careful attention to white space, page balance and the importance and organization of the articles. Indexation of the newsletter for facilitation of the readers. The newsletter should be easy to read.
    • Design & creativity
    • Effective use of graphics and/or photos as also of borders, dividers, and rulers 
  • Editorial Information
    • Newsletter name, volume info, newsletter issue info
    • Editorial board member names and info, sponsoring organization info
    • Editor’s message
    • Article with submitting members details. Credits to the author, or to the source (Name of the source, issue, & date etc.) for non-original articles 
  • Content of the newsletter
    • Educational value, learning items, knowledge nuggets centered on communication and leadership
    • Recognition of club members (Toastmasters educational achievements) and new member information.
    • Promotion of Toastmasters education programs.
    • Quality of writing meets acceptable standards of sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar and should be written in an interesting and clear manner
    • Reports on club activities, interclub meetings, contests, education programs
    • Report on DCP status
    • Cartoons, quotes, jokes or humorous anecdotes
    • Club President’s message, Messages/address from Toastmaster Officers and Organization officers
    • Consistent use of typeface (headings, subheadings, captions, articles)
    • Testimonials from members and guests or from Management representatives for a corporate club.

The judging will be done in accordance with the content, design and structure of the newsletter.

The judges’ decision will be final.