Best Guest Booklet



  • Award for Excellence in creating a guest booklet for the new guests coming to the club.
  • Awarded to Top 3 clubs across the district
  • Award Deadline: August 31, 2022


  • Club Information | 25 Points 
    • Club name
    • Meeting URL/Location and Time
    • Contact information – One person contact for club, social media links.
    • Why this specific club ? – Club culture, environment etc

  • Toastmasters Information | 25 Points 
    • What & Why of Toastmasters
    • It can include but not limited to:
      Features, benefits & Value of Toastmasters, Pathways information, How a Toastmasters meeting look like etc.
    • Membership Form to join the club
  • Layout and Presentation | 50 Points
    • Concise, Minimalistic & Creative
    • Idea is not to create a bundle of pages/pdfs which guests might not read later on, but to convey info on club & Toastmasters effectively.

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Presentation of the Award: will be announced by DPRM.