Club Coach

Club Coach

If your Club's current membership is 12 or less and your club is willing to make changes to improve membership, please consider the benefits of getting a Club Coach assigned.

Club Coaches have much to offer. They are usually experienced Toastmasters who bring with them the gift of fresh eyes, alternate perspectives, new ideas, and bundles of energy that can help stimulate and refresh interest and passion in your Club.

The District Director (DD) or Club Growth Director (CGD) may appoint up to two Coaches for each club with 12 or fewer paid members at the time of the appointment.

The assignment of a Club Coach lasts to the end of the current Toastmasters year (June 30), if the Club reaches Distinguished status or better by that date.

If Distinguished Club status is not reached in the first year, the assignment is extended to the end of the next Toastmasters year (the next June 30).


Next Steps...

If your Club is eligible for a Club Coach, please send in a request to the CGD's Office at or click on CALL TO ACTION button.