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Guidelines For Chairing a Toastmasters Meeting

This page has guidelines for chairing a Toastmasters Meeting. When you are chairperson When you are chairperson there is a lot to do. Planning and preparation are crucial to running a successful fun-filled Toastmasters meeting. …


Preparing and Delivering Effective Speech Evaluations This page has articlesand resources for giving effective speech evaluations, and an evaluation vocabulary you can use in your speeches. Credits Completion of a Speech Evaluation can be used…

General Evaluations

This page describes the role of the General Evaluator, and how to prepare for a General Evaluation at a Toastmasters meeting. Role of General Evaluator The General Evaluator is the last person to speak at…

Introducing a Speaker

This page gives information on the purpose of introductions, how to introduce speakers, and links to resources about giving effective introductions. Introducing a speaker is one of the shortest speeches you'll give in Toastmasters, but…


This page has information about the Grammarian role at a Toastmasters meeting. The role may sometimes be combined with the Ah-Counter and Memory Master. Being a Grammarian will expand and improve your thinking and listening skills, and is…

Meeting Roles Manual

The Toastmasters Fraternity in Mysore has come out with a Club Meeting Roles manual to help guide new clubs with an understanding of meeting roles and the requirements of each role.

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