We are BACK!!!

The Biggest, Grandest, most exclusive event of the year is back with a Bang.

From a stronger line up of guest speakers that will simply leave you breathless to the most entertaining Fun night you can dream off, we have got it all covered for you under one roof.

 If you don’t join in, you will miss out on an experience of a lifetime! You will regret not listening to the best speakers there are and meeting hundreds of amazing people coming all over from Karnataka and Kerala. Or for that matter, you might really get sad about not being able to go crazy on the fun night with all activities, delicacies and performances.

Well, in any case we will be there enjoying every second of the whole event. We hope you don’t miss out too. 

 Having said that, we understand that every step we take, every major decision and every success we achieve involves a lot of collaboration, efforts and learning. We are a family where everyone helps each other to grow together. Believing in the concept of “I am because we are”, this year we recognize the strength of teamwork and collaboration with our theme “Fly in Formation!”

Come aboard with your troops, let’s all fly together and achieve heights. Let’s all be the best versions of ourselves together this year at Coronation 2020!

Feel It! Live It!

We will be waiting to greet you at the most amazing location possible i.e. the grand entry of Sheraton Hotel, Whitefield Bengaluru, happening on 23rd & 24th May 2020.

See you soon… 😉

Incase of any query, please feel free to drop an email to

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