Emparch 3.0

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31st January 2021


Emparch is an annual conference dedicated to college Toastmaster clubs, which is wholly organised and managed by college students!

This year, we are going “Above and Beyond” as we transcend not only District Borders, but we mount the challenge of reaching out beyond Toastmasters members – yes, to Students who aren’t a part of Toastmasters, along with students who are members of College and Community clubs  across India! YES! We are going PAN INDIA this year!

This is just the beginning of Emparch 3.0!


Contest will be conducted on Zoom Meeting

Individual Entries Only


This is a quick fire contest which will entertain, engage, and educate – Where learning is accompanied by lots of fun. It is a quick rapid-fire slide aided presentation


A 5 to 7 minutes humorous speech which should be thematic in nature (opening,body and close) and not a series of one liners (monologue).


Sumedha Kashyap


Event Chair


Registration Chair

Deepali Dwarakanath


PR Chair


Contest Chair


Tech Master


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Emparch is an event by District 92. Toastmasters International qualify contestants above 18 years of age only. The same applies here as well. So as long as you are a UG, PG, Ph.D., etc. students, with a valid college ID and above 18 years, you are eligible to participate!

Don’t worry! We got you covered! We are having workshops, mentoring sessions and webinars that will help you out with the contests. As long as you are a qualifying student, interested in participating for Emparch, you can participate!

We are glad that you are interested in participating in Emparch 3.0! We understand your concern, to address the same, we have various workshops and webinars in store! Also since we are the host District, if at all you require guidance and mentoring for the contest, we have our members ready to help you out. The workshops are as follows-
● How to add humour to your speech?
● How to present yourself in an online meeting?
● How can Toastmasters help you in advancing your career?

The District would have informed your respective colleges. However, as per the College rules and regulations, if it is required please do take the prior approval from your Management. We won’t be responsible if the same exemption is misutilized.

We love your enthusiasm! Unfortunately, participation is restricted to only one entry per contest

Ooops! Sorry! These sessions are conducted for your benefit! We would love to see you on the virtual stage. Withdrawal post-registration for the contest is strictly not allowed.

Yes! It is possible – however we would encourage you to participate in the contests as well!

Yes, you can! Do reach out to Team Emparch on Social media or through email (teamemparch@gmail.com) for registrations.

No. Speech is to be given live with the presentation slide-show. It can’t be a pre-recorded speech. The speech should be accompanied with the presentation.

The language to be used for the speech and the presentation is English. Strict compliance of usage of parliamentary language is to be adhered to. Please refrain from talking on topics of – sex, religion and politics

The finale is set to be conducted on the 31st January, 2021. Club-level contests and District Zonals will be conducted in the months of October, November, and December 2020.

The dress code for participants is formals- Indian or Western.


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