How many of you are scared to speak in front of an audience? There are two types of speakers in the world: One who is scared to speak in public and, the other the public is scared to listen to! Thankfully, we happen to be Toastmasters and to avoid this public scare District 92 has come out with a new idea - Glitterati!!!


Glitterati Winners for 2016-2017

  1.   Speakers' Den
  2.   Express2Lead Toastmasters Club
  3.   Daffodils Toastmasters Club

What is Glitterati ?

This is a quick fire contest which will entertain, engage, and educate – Where learning is accompanied by lots of fun. It is a quick rapid-fire slide aided presentation in a team setting.

A club will be represented by a single team consisting of 2 (min) to 3 (max) members. You will be preparing the presentation and it should in PPT format. The time for each team is 5 minutes, consisting of 20 slides. Each slide will auto-change in 15 seconds and, you have to accordingly engage the audience with your thought, wisdom, and wit. Topics can be anything under the sun except sex, religion, and politics. Role play, storytelling, and dialogues can form part of the presentation.

The whole idea of this contest is to promote creativity, team work and, at the same time, be fast paced. What are you waiting for Toastmasters? Unpack your creativity and give us a rollicking time.

Glitterati Contest Kit

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