Jamboree 2017 – Ultimate Savaree

It’s here!!!  A chance to hear the hysterical humor, enthralling evaluations, astute glitterati and to have fierce fun!
Experience the Ultimate Savaree with members from Karnataka and Kerala as the 4th Jamboree is here. Create irreplaceable memories as you laugh out as loud as possible, feed your brain with thought provoking sessions and network bigger!
Attend the District 92’s semi-annul conference on the 18th and 19th of November, 2017 at The Leela Palace, Bangalore.

Come witness the Ultimate Savaree …

Event Location

The Leela Palace, Bengaluru which draws inspiration from the Royal Palace of Mysore, is present amidst the seven acres of lush gardens and a sparkling lagoon in the garden city. It enjoys a global reputation and is ranked amongst the best hotels in India. The 7-star hotel has been host to multiple events in the past and will the venue for the District 92’s Semi Annual Meet - Jamboree 2017.
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For details about registration for the Jamboree 2017 conference whom do I contact?

You can write to us at j17bengaluru@gmail.com to find out registration details, or can call,

  1. ● Registrations Chair: TM Vanitha Rangarajan (+91-99869 75284)
    ● Registrations Co-Chair : TM Preethi Jayapal (+91 88843 15599)



Sterlings Mac Hotel:

Situated in the midst of the business center of Bangalore, the 5 star hotel Sterlings MAC Hotel. With facilities like relaxing spa and poolside, Sterlings MAC Hotel is right across the street from the conference venue. It makes for a rejuvenating stay after a remarkable day.
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About Jamboree
  1. What is Jamboree 2017?
    Jamboree is the semi-annual conference of District 92. Every year, District 92 organizes semi-annual and annual conferences for the Toastmasters clubs of Karnataka and Kerala. On an average we have 450+ members attending this event making this a flagship event of our District 92.
  2. When is the conference to be held?
    Jamboree is a two-day conference that will be held on 18th and 19th November, 2017. There will be an Executive committee meeting for District officers on 17th November 2017 evening.
  3. Where will the conference be at?
    The Leela Palace! Yes, this time, Bangalore’s The Leela Palace will host the royalty and grandeur of District 92.
  4. If I have any queries about the conference, who do I contact?You can write to us at j17bengaluru@gmail.com, or call,
    ● Conference Chair: Arjun Sundar Raj (+91-953 808 1820)
    ● Conference Co-Chair: TM Vineeth Shiyal (+91-984 506 5452)

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