Judges Training Program

The Judges Training Program (JTP) explains the role of the judges: their purpose in the speech contests and obstacles that get in the way of objectivity. After completing this session, you will be able to identify characteristics of good judges, the difference between judging and evaluating and stumbling blocks on the road to objectivity.

JTP sessions are open to all Toastmasters - Judges & Contestants alike. However, please note that only Toastmasters who have completed CC6 will be qualified as trained judges. If you are planning to participate in the upcoming Toastmasters' contests, then the JTP would be a great session to attend in order to understand the criteria on which you will be judged during the contest.

Training Schedule

JTPs are scheduled on a semi-annual basis. Sessions will be held starting from August 2016.

Note: At least three club members must attend the JTP sessions each term to qualify for the requirements of the Golden Gavel Plus Award.

The JTP sessions are open to members of all divisions and, therefore, we encourage you to attend a JTP that fits your location and schedule.

Detailed Schedule : TBD