District 92 always believe in empowering members to achieve their educational goals through various initiatives and recognitions. As part of the educational program, every member needs to embrace the Pathways Program before June 30th 2020.  After which, the traditional program will not be available to the members.

To encourage members actively participate in the program and support in their learning journey District 92 have identified two programs – Pathways – Path Forward & Pathways Mentoring (For Your Improvement – F.Y.I.)

Pathways – Path Forward:

  • Club Level – Clubs with low pathway adoption can reach out to the district for support in terms of Pathways adoption. Demo will be conducted for the clubs to make the Pathways adoptable in the club environment which will include general awareness and tips on Pathways.  This will be conducted only for clubs with less than 40% adoption or a new club.

Time frame for training starts in September 2019-June 2020

  • Area Level – Training on Pathways in specific paths will be conducted based on request from Area Directors / Division Directors. Time frame for training starts in September 2019-June 2020
  • Division Level – Podcast contests which will talk on different aspects of a path will be conducted. Division Directors or Area Directors identified can lead this initiative. Each Division can select a path and create a podcast which will train the members in approaching the path. Awards will be announced during Semi-Annual Conference based on content, value add, clarity of podcast and team involvement. Submission Date: 15th December 2019.
  • District Level: Pathways specific contest will be conducted to promote a specific path among members. Members who have taken the path with a minimum of L1 will be eligible to participate in this contest. This will help members to understand the paths and would be a great knowledge sharing option as well.
    • Following Paths are identified for the contest for this year
      • Engaging Humor
      • Presentation Mastery
      • Visionary Communication
    • Contest Time frame: December 2019

Pathways –Mentoring: 

Take up the 100 day challenge and receive a Pathways Mentor Citation during Semi Finals!

Mentor 3 members to complete their speeches and file Level 1 in 100 days from the time of enrolment!

Eligibility: Toastmasters who have completed their Level 2 in Pathways

Enrolment deadline:  31st December 2019

Additional Benefit: Members who also complete the Pathways Mentoring auxiliary path can get certified as a Pathways Mentor by TMI

What to do:

1.  Identify 3 mentees who are yet to complete their Pathways Level 1 – these can be from any club(s) in District 92

2.  File your nomination as a candidate for the 100 day challenge in this link

3.  Inform your Pathways Coordinator and Division Director on completion