Take up the 100 day challenge and receive a Pathways Mentor Citation during Semi Finals!
Mentor 3 members to complete their speeches and file Level 1 in 100 days from the time of enrollment!
Eligibility: Toastmasters who have completed their Level 2 in Pathways
Enrolment deadline:  January 15, 2020
Additional Benefit: Members who also complete the Pathways Mentoring auxiliary path can get certified as a Pathways Mentor by TMI
What to do:
1.  Identify 3 mentees who are yet to complete their Pathways Level 1 – these can be from any club(s) in District 92
2.  File your nomination as a candidate for the 100 day challenge in this link
3.  Inform your Pathways Coordinator and Division Director on completion

Needs to be completed before June 30th 2020