Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award will be awarded to all eligible clubs that have achieved Distinguished Status by June 30, 2017.

  • Clubs, which achieve the Pinnacle Award by May 15, 2017, will be recognized during the District Annual Conference, Coronation 2017.
  • Clubs that achieve the Pinnacle Award after May 15, 2017, will be recognized during the TLIs scheduled in July 2017.


*Clubs that have won the Spirit of 92 and/or Rising Star Awards are not eligible for the Pinnacle Award.

Pinnacle Award Winners for 2016-2017

Updated May 15, 2017.


Division Club Name
A Talking Synopsoids
A Ritoras
A BMC Bengaluru Toastmasters
A Bosch MM Toastmasters
A Banjara Toastmasters
A Dell Sukti Toastmasters Club
A IBM Synergy Toastmasters Club
A Ascent Toastmasters Club
A Tavant Bangalore Toastmasters Club
A Sagacious Toastmasters Club
B NOS Toastmasters Club Manyata
B Legacy
B Where Is the Mic?
B Citrix Orators
C HPE Smart Orators Club
C [24] 7 Inspired Orators
C Societe Generale Orators Toastmasters Club
D Chevy Orators
D Unilever ETS Toastmasters Club
D Sabre Orators
E Shell We Talk
E ABBS Toastmasters
F Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters Club
F Mysore Impact Club
H Toastmasters Club Of Thrissur
H AISAT Toastmasters Club
H EKM Toastmasters