Rendezvous Award - Joint Meetings, redefined

Co-ordinator: TM Sonakshi Agarwal

  • Minimum 3 clubs and maximum four clubs from same /different area/division.Mandatory to include one club which is not a distinguished club in previous termor anew club which is yet to be distinguished.
  • Minimum number of participants from each Distinguished/healthy club is 6.  Minimum 3 participant from the not distinguished club. Role takers should be from all three /four clubs
  • Speeches from any of the Pathways Path only
  • Video Conferencing meetings are not allowed.
  • Maximum one meet per month and a max total of 8 meets before Annual Division meet.
  • DCP status one week before prior to the first annual division meet of D92 will be considered as the tiebreaker. In case two clubs have the same DCP, their Pathways award count will be considered as the tie-breaker.
  • Clubs that participate in maximum number of joint meets (Top three) would be recognized during the Division Meet.
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