Rendezvous 3.0 (Linkers meet redefined)




Any Club of District 92


  • Minimum of three clubs and maximum of four clubs from District 92 should participate in the meeting.
  • Mandatory to include one club which is not a distinguished club in previous term or a new club which is yet to be distinguished.

        (List of new/struggling clubs of last term will be made available by CGD office before 30th July 2022 on the District website.)

  • Minimum number of participants from each healthy club is eight. Minimum number of participants from the new/weak club is 4
  • There should be an equitable distribution of roles across the three or four clubs, with a minimum of 2 roles per club.
  • Maximum one meets per month and a max total of 9 meets before 15th May 2023.
  • Meeting details (screenshot/photo) to be submitted to the Rendezvous Coordinator every month specifying all the meeting details along with a picture clicked during the meeting.
  • Clubs should not repeatedly conduct rendezvous meetings with the same clubs(struggling).
  • One club per Division that participate in the maximum number of joint meets will win the award. 
  • Tie breaker – number of members added.

Deadline: 15th May, 2023



Presentation of the Award

  • Coronation 2023